China Prom dress factory


China Prom dress factory

Xingfeng China prom dess manufacturer is based in Zhejiang China. We started the business from 1998. We currently are selling prom dress, wedding dress, bridal prom dress. We have the advantage that we are close to the ram material base. We are able to souce the deliate fabrics in good price. Therefore, we are able to producte and offer cheap prom dress.


As a prom dress factory from China, we are gonna offer brand new styles of wedding dress, promdress in 2013.  We are your find stop to souce all kinds of evening dresses, including plus size prom dress in charming styles.


Though we are a prom dress factory from China, we arenot just keen on production, we try to learn about the culture and trend of evenining dress. We share a story of prom dresses or wedding dress:


In the cocktail party regardless of the size, if the party did not particularly mark proper dress, you can wear civilian clothes to go. If you need to shine yourself, you will have to be sure to wear evening dress to catch attention. Of course, if you know in advance that the cocktail party theme is not grand, but just a "long discussions Party", then you do not confused it like a Hollywood party. Dresses that are long to the knee, may perhaps reflect your frankness and youth.


In the parties, we can not always appear the same look, right?  This needs to spend more efforts in detail.

Senior evening dress

A gorgeous shawl, shiny necklace, a pair of eye-catching earrings, a dainty bracelet, are ordinary accessories, that we choose to go with a small dress.  We are introduced to the avant-garde elements of the carrier, best embodies the extent of your fashion must Costly, but also to the pursuit of alternative, do not go with the flow. But remember when worn, cut not a full set are on, be sure to refinement. The handbag styles must complete to suit different occasions.


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